Time & Attendance

Using Paper Trails’ Time and Attendance solution allows you to negate the need for gathering time sheets, computing hours and re-keying them into payroll. Using our timekeeping solution, it is virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data. The solution gives employees a simple way to clock, while providing you an accurate account of the time worked. You’re able to view reports that can help you keep an eye on your team’s efficiency. Over 20 hours of productivity are lost each year by an employee who arrives late, extends a break or lunch or leaves early.  

Time & Attendance Features Include:

  • Employees Punch in via web clock, physical time clocks or our mobile app
  • Department and Job tracking
  • Online time off requests with company-wide time off calendar
  • Supervisor review and approval
  • Dynamic reporting to help you keep track of overtime, job tracking and more
  • GPS tracking of punches to ensure employees are where they are supposed to be
  • Seamless integration with payroll. Only one password to remember!