Human Capital Management

Payroll is no longer just payroll. With Paper Trails, you can easily recruit, retain, manage and grow your team with our powerful, cloud-based payroll and human capital management platform. Employer on the Go allows you to manage your payroll, timekeeping, applicant tracking, scheduling, human resources and more wherever you are, whenever you need to. The easy to use, secure, online payroll and workforce management tool provides you with a reliable resource for employee onboarding, payroll, time and attendance and HR. Employer on the Go is the perfect tool for your business, providing everything you need in one convenient solution.

Online Payroll

  • Real time online processing of payroll for your entire organization
  • Manage employees, run reports, track deductions, maintain time off and more
  • Full preview, including payroll expense, before finalizing payroll
  • Supervisor access with role-based permissions

Time & Attendance

  • Employees clock in and out via web clock, physical time clock or mobile app
  • Department & Job tracking
  • Online time off requests with company-wide time off calendar
  • Dynamic reporting to help you keep track of overtime, job tracking and more
  • GPS tracking of punches to ensure employees are where they are supposed to be

HR Resources & Tracking

  • HR Answer Center with HR templates, policies, checklists, handbooks and more. Optional upgrade to on-call HR professional
  • Annual background screening and drug testing available
  • HR Tracking of employee reviews, company-owned equipment, licenses, certifications, emergency contacts and more
  • Employee tasks and reminders
  • Performance Management tracking

Hiring & Onboarding

Paper Trails’ applicant tracking system, Hire on the Go, helps your business find and hire great employees. Post jobs online to dozens of job boards, accept resumes, sort through and rank applicants, and seamlessly onboard new hires all with our fully integrated platform.

  • Post jobs online to hundreds of job boards including Craigslist, Monster, Indeed and more all from one portal. No need to post to multiple job boards.
  • Keep track of notes, interviews and each applicant’s status. Easily pass resumes to other managers for review.
  • Develop and manage screening questions, rank applicants to keep track of promising candidates and send offer letters once a decision is made.
  • Perform a myriad of background checks prior to onboarding.
  • Complete new employee paperwork online, personally welcome employees and store all employee files in our online portal. Bye bye file cabinets.

ACA Compliance

Paper Trails’ ACA Compliance solution, ACA OnDemand, assists employers with more than 50 full time equivalent employees maintain compliance with the burdens of the Affordable Care Act. Accurately track employee insurance products, prepare and file required tax forms and mitigate the risk of IRS penalties.

  • Calculate whether or not you are an applicable large employer (ALE) and track employee eligibility for coverage during the measurement period.
  • Load company insurance policies and assign offers of coverage to each
    employee ensuring they meet the minimum requirements by law.
  • Since ACA OnDemand is integrated with payroll, ensure that each employee has minimum essential coverage that is affordable based on their earnings.
  • Year end 1094-C and 1095-C forms are prepared, reviewed and filed electronically with the IRS as required by law.